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Dintr-o sursa de incredere, am primit urmatorul eMail. Daca corespunzi profilului si te intereseaza propunerea, scrie-mi un eMail cu subiectul acestui post. Ulterior cand voi primi mai multe informatii vei primi forward:

Recruiting to the UK is not what it used to be so I am going in another direction and it looks promising.  In addition to social workers and psychologists I am exploring options for geologists and other employees in the mining industry.
Australia is a land of opportunity.  Being part of South East Asia it is a growth economy not affected by the ‘global’ economic crisis.  All I would say on that subject is that countries (and individuals) with debt who cant afford to pay interest are those in trouble.  Australia is not in such a situation. Its economy is booming as is public sector spending.
It has a government backed policy of population expansion particlularly for professional people.  I am at the early stages of negotiations with New South Wales and Victoria about the possibility of employing Romanians social workers and psychologists.  Qualification equivalency and immigration procedures are not a problem.  New Zealand may be another possibility.
Jobs are very similar to those in the UK.  Salaries are good and the lifestyle unequalled. Job descriptions etc can be sent upon request. It is likely that employers would appreciate a 2 year commitment.  Usual relocation conditions would apply.
Marsupials, Bondi beach, the Geat Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House are some of the obvious local attractions…not to mention cricket.  Of course there is much, much more. You dont get cold in the winter.
If you want a long weekend break try Thailand, Papua New Guinea or Indonesia. If cities are your thing why not drop in on Hong Kong and Singapore?  If its more than a weekend China is not so far away.
Its not so far away – a ten hour overnight flight – so just go to sleep in the air and wake up for breakfast before you land.  You can keep in touch with friends and family just as you do in the UK – zero cost phone calls and webcam. 
This will be e mailed to others but my contact list is not as extensive as it once was.  Please forward to people you know who may be interested.
If you would like more info just drop me a line.
All the very best



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